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Gift Profile Guide

What do we believe God is calling each of us to do as we are asked to participate in this campaign?


As you pray about what God is asking you to give during this time, consider how generosity plays a role in living a life of significance. Use this guide as a tool, allowing it to inspire and challenge you to commit more deeply to living significantly.

This is a chart showing commitment total amounts, and then breaking it down to show what that commitment would require annually, monthly, and weekly.


If God has led you to make a financial commitment to this project, we know it is helpful to see how your giving could be every week, month, and year. We’ve provided the following calculator to help you see it, but no one should feel confined to this schedule.


The challenge before us is a large one. The giving profiles we have provided on the previous page demonstrate a number of ways we can work as a church family to stand up and achieve this significant goal. Please pray about your involvement in this campaign. Seek God’s wisdom and be clear this is His calling for you. If you believe it is God’s idea, we ask you to consider opening your heart in the coming days and give God the room He needs to shape your decision.

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