Call Connection

Being there for each other in a time of need.

This winter is going to be tough. As the weather turns colder, we will be increasingly isolated in our homes. The holidays will be especially challenging since we cannot gather with family and friends as usual. But Plymouth is here for you in this tough time.

Since March, people at Plymouth have been calling one another to show support and love. There have been some lovely interactions to come about as a result of this ministry; new friendships have been formed and many prayers have been shared. Older individuals, people that are grieving, people with health difficulties—we have tried to make sure they feel loved and cared for. We are hoping to expand this ministry to anyone that wants to make a new friend.

This is a simple way to share time and love with other members of the Plymouth community.

If you are interested in being connected to another Plymouth member, to chat on the phone or via Zoom once a week or every other week, email Plymouth's Welcome and Care Coordinator, Liz Smith, today.

925 Vermont Street Lawrence, KS 66044  |  |  Tel: 785-843-3220

 Due to state and nationwide health concerns, the church is closed.  |  Sunday Service Broadcast Only for now: 9:30 a.m. 


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