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Plymouth Summer Speaker Series

Public conversations on abortion rights.

This moment in history calls for careful study and informed response from people of faith and conscience.

Since the Supreme Court decision in 1973, Roe v. Wade, which constitutionally protected abortion in the U.S., the United Church of Christ has joined many faith groups to safeguard equal and fair access to abortion and family planning.

Plymouth’s summer speaker series will bring together leading voices from multiple disciplines to explore abortion rights. Scholars in the fields of constitutional law, American history and culture, health care practitioners, and community organizers will speak to this unique moment in our nation’s history.

Wednesday, June 29:

Abortion Rights in Legal and Historical Perspective

The history and legal context of abortion rights in the United States frame our current understanding of reproductive justice and the kind of moral leadership needed at this moment.


Professor Richard E. Levy,

J.B. Smith Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law,

University of Kansas

School of Law

Professor Elizabeth Esch,

Associate Professor

of American Studies,

University of Kansas


Professor Elinor Schroeder,

Paul E. Wilson Distinguished

Professor Emeritus of Law,

University of Kansas

School of Law

Wednesday, July 20:

Healthcare Practitioners

Wednesday, July 27:

Organizers for Abortion Rights

All events are free and open to the public to attend and will stream live at


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