The Plymouth Grocery Corps.

Need help getting groceries and supplies during the Coronavirus quarantine? Want to help people get their groceries of supplies? Read more below!

The Plymouth Grocery Cooperative is rolling! Many members of the Plymouth community have already volunteered to deliver groceries. Now is the time to let us know if you or someone you love from the Plymouth Community needs groceries delivered. In this challenging time, this is a way that all Plymouth congregants, be they sick or healthy, vulnerable or less vulnerable, can express solidarity through this initiative, helping each other.

Just as we have asked younger, healthier members of the congregation to deliver groceries, we ask that vulnerable individuals (people over the age of 70 and anyone that is immune-compromised) sign up to receive groceries rather than going to the store themselves, thereby serving their community by staying healthy at a time when medical resources are scarce. We also ask that anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 or who is experiencing symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath) to sign up to receive groceries, even if the symptoms are “not that bad.”

If you have someone going to the store for you already, great—but if not, we ask that you let us be those people. This is not charity!

If you sign up for the program you will receive more instructions, but in general, recipients will order and pay for their groceries online and the runner will communicate with them about timing (there is often a multi-day delay), pick up their groceries curbside at the store, and drop them off outside the recipient’s home. We ask that runners and recipients do their best to disinfect packages as COVID-19 can live on surfaces for days.

If you have someone going to the store for you already, great—but if not, we ask that you let us be those people. This is not charity! This is not about grocery runners helping grocery recipients. To the contrary, by staying home if you are in danger of becoming sick or sickening others, recipients are contributing just as much to the wider community. By staying home you perform the vital service of not infecting others. Staying home may save someone’s life, and not just your own. So sign up today, either to deliver or receive! Through this program, we can all contribute to community health, both by delivering and by accepting groceries. It is in this spirit of solidarity that we carry out these activities.

If you need groceries, sign up here: Grocery Cooperative Recipient Form

Want to be a Grocery Runner?: Read the Covenant Form

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