Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. Valerie


In 2019, Valerie became the first female Senior Pastor in Plymouth's 165 year history. Valerie's leadership has brought to Plymouth visionary innovation and energy. At Plymouth, Valerie has built and continues to nurture a strong spiritual foundation for an active, alive, and social justice oriented community of faith.

  Tel: 785-843-3220 ext. 1

Associate Pastor

Rev. Caroline

Lawson Dean

Caroline joined Plymouth's staff in 2019 and quickly became a mentor, teacher and spiritual leader to our dynamic  youth group.

A powerful and thoughtful voice for social justice concerns in Lawrence and beyond, Plymouth's youth and mission ministries are thriving under Caroline's leadership.

  Tel: 785-843-3220 ext. 2

Minister of Music and Fine Arts

Kim Manz

 In 2007, Kim became Plymouth's first ever Minister of Music and Fine Arts. 

Tel: 785-843-3220 ext. 3

Communications Director

Jeremy Winfrey

In 2017, Jeremy became Plymouth's first ever Communications Director.

Tel: 785-843-3220 ext. 4

Director of Christian Education

Susan Anderson

Susan has served as Plymouth's Director of Christian Education since 2015. 

Tel: 785-843-3220 ext. 5

Welcome and Care Coordinator

Liz Smith

Liz has served as Plymouth's Welcome & Care Coordinator since 2018.

Tel: 785-843-3220 ext. 6

Business Administrator

Barbara Holland

Barbara has served as Plymouth's Business Administrator since 2003. 

Tel: 785-843-3220 ext. 7


Lori Herpich

Lori has served as Plymouth's Receptionist since 2019.

Tel: 785-843-3220 ext. 10

Facilities Manager

Rex Russell

Rex has served as Plymouth's Facilities Manager since 2014. 

Tel: 785-843-3220 ext. 9

925 Vermont Street Lawrence, KS 66044  |  |  Tel: 785-843-3220

 Due to state and nationwide health concerns, the church is closed.  |  Sunday Service Broadcast Only for now: 9:30 a.m. 


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