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The Plan

Our 2022 Facilities Master Plan helped us see the full range of facilities improvements we may choose to address over the next decade.  That plan includes a proposed design which makes the chancel area accessible, improves the sanctuary acoustics, and reconfigures and renovates the organ to accommodate both improvements.  The centrality of the sanctuary to our mission and the urgency of needed repairs make this our top priority. 

The work includes:


• Complete restoration of the Organ

• Expanding the Chancel to the width of sanctuary; 3 or more steps up with ramps on each side and retaining all historic wood for a similar look and feel

• Lowering of the Choir Loft to the new Chancel level allowing for expansion and accessibility

• Moving the Organ console to the Chancel

• Addressing HVAC issues

• Addressing hearing and lighting issues

• New flooring

• Refurbishing and cleaning of the stained glass

Plymouth Congregational

925 Vermont St.

Lawrence, KS 66044


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