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This historic sanctuary is our inheritance from the abolitionists who founded Plymouth Church almost 170 years ago. As such, its care is both a joy and a responsibility held by each generation of Plymouth Congregational Church. Over the last few years, a careful study of Plymouth’s facilities helped clarify a path toward this hopeful future. Our beautiful and historic sanctuary is in urgent need of our attention.

The organ is hanging on by a thread. Without some much needed investment, the extraordinary efforts of Kim and the technicians won't be able to keep it running much longer.

For many people, the sanctuary is an obstacle course of challenges to navigate. When we gather to worship God too many of us find it difficult to hear well, see well, and move easily throughout the space.

As a people committed to expansive welcome, we’re not living up to our values in this area. We can do something about that through careful, historically sensitive, renovation that makes the sanctuary fully accessible for all people.

The Plan

Our 2022 Facilities Master Plan helped us see the full range of facilities improvements we may choose to address over the next decade.

The Cost

Based on our previous successful applications and expertise with the State of Kansas tax credits applicable to historical buildings, we plan to apply for, and have high confidence in receiving, tax credits for close to 30% of the total cost of the project.

It's Our Turn

It’s our turn to become a blessing to future generations of Plymouth Church.

Taking Action

What do we need each individual to do during this campaign?

The Giving Pathway

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Fred Kandeler talks about the first gate on the giving pathway...

Matt Schwabauer and Katie Hobson (and Felicity) talk about the second gate...

Becky and Doug Eason talk about the third gate...

Vicky Durand and Jim Hanni share about the fourth gate...

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Dick and Georgia Orchard talk about the fifth gate...

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Plymouth Congregational

925 Vermont St.

Lawrence, KS 66044


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