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Set up a recurring payment for your ongoing commitment to Plymouth Church, or make a one time gift using our online giving interface. 

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If you are setting up a recurring payment, but you have not filled out a commitment form, please do so now! This is vital for mission driven ministry planning...

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The Enter In Capital Campaign is raising money for the renovation of the Plymouth Sanctuary, making it more accesible for all and providing much needed renewal of the Plymouth pipe organ. 

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You may also give to Plymouth using your PayPal account. Note that when giving with Paypal, you will need to designate for which Plymouth fund your gift is intended (General Fund, Pastors' Relief Fund, etc...).

If you have any questions, or need any help with giving at Plymouth, please contact Melissa Praderio:
785-843-3220 ext. 1013

Interested in Endowed Giving?

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