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The Plymouth Organ

Few churches value the role of music in worship with the same devotion and sense of purpose as Plymouth Church. Historically and traditionally, Plymouth’s organists and choirmasters have held to unparalleled standards of excellence and a commitment to liturgical musical expression at the highest level. The appreciation and reverence for such an undertaking has been shared by many generations of congregational members, visitors and guests. Whether inspired by a rousing anthem, a delicate organ interlude, or a robust full-stop postlude, worshipers have left Plymouth satiated and enriched by God’s gift of music.

A Little History
  1. Plymouth has a full-time Minister of Music and Fine Arts.
  2. Our 1970 aging organ (pipework, chests, switching system, etc.) is now 53 years old. The console (keyboards, pedalboard, combination action, etc.) was not replaced when the “new” organ was purchased in 1970, making it over 60 years old.
  3. Since 2009, the organ committee has been studying the issues with the organ, and the extensive needed repairs. Through study and meeting with Top Rung Tower Chime and Organ Service (Plymouth’s organ technician) and several organ companies, it became apparent that Plymouth would have two options: either completely refurbish/rebuild the current instrument or purchase a new organ.
  4. Over the next few years, the committee visited eight different churches in Lawrence, Kansas City, and Lincoln, Nebraska, representing five different organ companies.
  5. Scott Riedel and Associates, Milwaukee, Wisconsin performed an acoustical study and evaluation of Plymouth’s sanctuary and has made recommendations for enhancing both music and spoken word.
  6. Through consensus, the organ committee had decided to use Reuter Organ Company (the builder of our organ) in Lawrence as the firm to complete an organ project. In September 2023, Reuter Organ Company was no longer an option as the firm sold its factory and drastically scaled back its operations.
  7. The organ committee is currently researching and visiting with five organ firms that could potentially provide bids for an organ project at Plymouth. One firm is in the process of scheduling an onsite visit to evaluate the organ. Other firms will be invited to schedule visits as soon as possible.
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