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Dramatic Arts

This group of performers and musicians produces a minimum of two Dinner Theater events each year. Past productions have included murder mysteries, musical revues, and comedies.

Art Classes

Art Classes are offered at Plymouth every other year during the spring, summer, and fall to build excitement and involvement in the Art Show. Instructors are always needed for various mediums. Classes are structured for children, adults, and intergenerational. If you have an idea and would like to teach an art class, contact Plymouth’s Minister of Music & Fine Arts, Kim Manz, using the link below.

Culinary Arts

Plymouth offers Culinary Arts classes the opposite year of the Art Classes. We are always looking for instructors in any area: baking, bread, vegetarian, ethnic, candy, basics, etc.

Visual Arts

This arts team provides visual arts based on preaching themes at different times during the year. Plymouth uses art to enhance and reinforce worship.    

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