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An Important Message About Email

It’s come to our attention that a scammer is sending email to Plymouth members representing themselves as Valerie.

Please check the sender’s address if you receive unexpected emails. In this case, it is blatantly not a church email address. Sometimes scammers are much more sophisticated and it may in fact appear to be a familiar address.

The best response is to immediately block the sender. Do not open attachments or click links in the body of the email. Remember we will never ask you for personally identifying information, gift cards, or any unusual payment via email.

When in doubt, give the church office a call at 785-843-3220 and follow the directory to be connected to Valerie or other staff.

We will let you know for certain whether the email came from Plymouth Church. In the meantime, please use caution and be vigilant for unusual emails purportedly from Plymouth staff.


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