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Celebrating a Great Year for the Pastors' Emergency Fund

The Pastors’ Emergency Fund is a flow-through account that accepts donations year round. The fund provides direct assistance to those in need by paying for rent, utilities, medical bills, etc. Thanks to generous donations, this fund had an impressive 2023. We were able to send out just under $30,000! Ann Lounsbury and Rev. Caroline Lawson Dean do an excellent job managing this fund and getting the financial support to those who need it most.

Here's the breakdown for 2023:


Assistance for Utilities: $10,485.13

Assistance for General: $548.11*

Assistance for Medical: $200.50

Assistance for Rent: $18,685.47

Total assistance: $29,919.21


Total individuals who received assistance: 101


*the General category covered 1 payment to Verizon and 1 payment to the KU Dining Plan.

Thank you, Plymouth Church, for your generosity! We are making a diffence.


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