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Plymouth Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups provide an opportunity to gather in intentional small groups to grow in faith and connect on a deeper spiritual level.

Find Your Church within the Church

After a beautiful Lent season of sharing gratitude, we are ready to start some new ongoing Covenant Groups to grow in faith and connect on a deeper spiritual level. These groups of 6-10 will meet twice a month via Zoom (or in a socially distanced space in the future when this is deemed safe by experts and Plymouth leadership). Your group will decide on your meeting times and what to study together; the Plymouth pastors will provide some thoughtful discussion-based materials to choose from, both video lectures and books.

Some thoughtful testimonies from the past month of gatherings:

“Our group is amazing, and we have developed a strong connection to each other and a sense of caring and concern for each other. It's been such a great experience!”

“These groups have addressed a significant need during the pandemic by giving us a way to feel a meaningful connection to others in the church.”

“Getting to know the know the others in my group, sharing and listening to them—these have been the most important for me.”

“It's really a nice group of people who are willing to explore their faith, search for deeper meaning and share their beliefs and questions.”

“It's always good to meet new people and get to know old acquaintances more deeply.”

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