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Report on the September 10 Called Congregational Meeting

The congregation met in a Called Congregational Meeting Sunday, September 10, between services. The purpose of the meeting was to consider and vote on the proposed Constitution and Bylaws as approved unanimously by Council at its May 23rd meeting.

More than 150 Plymouth members took the opportunity to be part of these important decisions.

Both proposals were passed by the membership.

The vote on the Constitution: 152 ballots, Yes: 104, No: 48. This is 68% yes. The two-thirds required, or 66.6%, was 102 votes.

The vote on the Bylaws: 151 ballots, Yes: 92, No: 59. This is 61% yes. The simple majority required was 76 votes.

The motion to approve included a proviso that, if passed, both documents would become effective at the Call to Order at the next Annual Meeting. Although it has not yet been set, the Annual Meeting should take place in February of 2024.

This was a healthy and important conversation for Plymouth to have. It speaks well of the strength of Plymouth that we could discuss such basic issues and eventually reach a decision. While the decision was clearly not unanimous, that is the nature of Congregationalism. We each bring our individual beliefs and views but ultimately a majority decides what the collective congregation believes is best for Plymouth.

Though divided on the vote, we are united in all of us wanting to make Plymouth stronger. It must continue as a Congregation-led beacon of hope and faith for each of us as well as our community.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this unique process. We are a fortunate community.

You can find the Minutes from this meeting on the Plymouth Governance Page.


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