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Take a Stand Against Transphobia

Plymouth's Open & Affirming Ministry asks you to add your name to petitions transphobic legislation in the state of Kansas.

Take a Stand Against Intolerance

Plymouth's Open and Affirming Committee and the Mission and Service Board ask you to add your names to the petitions against transphobic legislation currently under debate on the Kansas State House and Senate floors. As Plymouth's Open and Affirming Committee states:

"All children deserve love, acceptance, and the support of their families and communities. Too often, the voices of faith that we hear on these concerns are less progressive. Not this time. Some want to carve out protections for religious freedom, by which they mean it's a sin to be transgender. This legislation is not the tradition of freedom and equality that abolitionists fought and died for to found the state of Kansas, and certainly not the position that we take at Plymouth Church, United Church of Christ. The proposed legislation undermines these basic human rights by depriving transgender youth of the opportunity to fully participate in their school community, and by shaming them for their identities."

Add your names to the petitions using the links below.

Kansas Senate Bill 208

Kansas House Bill 2210


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