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Advent Labyrinth & Silence [with coffee]

Advent is traditionally a time of quiet and preparation. A time of quiet so we can listen. A time of quiet so we can prepare for the joy of Christmas. During this busy holiday season, you are invited to Plymouth to find a time for silence, to find some time for yourself.

On Wednesday, Dec 6th from 9am - 3pm, the Membership Board and members of our Mental Wellness team will be hosting a day of silence. Stop in for an hour, come for a few hours, stay the day.

There will be several opportunities throughout the church building to unplug and reconnect. Spaces will be open for prayer, invitations to guided meditations, rooms where you can sit and read, journal, create or write. You can bring lunch. There will be coffee.

The space we are most excited to invite you into is the labyrinth that will be in the Mayflower Room. A labyrinth is an ancient walking meditation, where you are invited to walk through a winding pattern, to the center of a circle and then back out again. As you walk, maybe you have an intention or a prayer that you are carrying. Maybe you just want to see where the silence takes you. Maybe it’s a moment of calm in the midst of your busy life.

If you’ve never walked a labyrinth - come and try it! If you have, come again and see what new things are waiting for you on its path.

For more information or if you have questions, contact

Rev. Heather Coates:


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