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December Major Choral Work

The Chancel Choir will sing Gloria by K. Lee Scott for their next major choral work on Sunday, December 10.

This setting of the text of Gloria in excelsis features choir, brass quintet, timpani, and organ. Beginning with a fanfare introduction, the music recedes, quoting an ancient chant setting, then resumes the fanfare as the choir enters. The second movement, more quiet and solemn, reflects the prayerful nature of various combinations of voices and instruments to create a mosaic of sound. The final movement reverts to the mood of the first, but with more exuberance. Quoting the composer, “all forces combine for a reeling conclusion.”

If you would be interested in singing in the choir for the major work, please contact Kim Manz

Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings as a part of regular choir rehearsal.


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