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Dr. Harriet Lerner at Plymouth

Plymouth welcomes acclaimed Psychologist and Best-Selling author on Thursday, October 6 at 6 pm.

Thursday, October 6, at 6 pm, Plymouth Church welcomes Psychologist Dr. Harriet Lerner, who will present "The Magnificent Seven: Seven Steps of Clarity and Courage in Hard Conversations." Dr. Lerner will share seven essential steps to staying connected, staying oneself, and "finding voice" with the key people in our lives. A question and answer period and a book signing will follow her talk.

Dr. Harriet Lerner is best known for her unique ability to recue men and women from the swamps and quicksand of difficult relationships. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles and twelve books, including The New York Times bestseller The Dance of Anger and Why Won't You Apologize? Dr. Lerner was a staff psychologist and supervisor at The Menninger Clinic for several decades before she and her husband, Steve, moved to Lawrence in 2002 and started a private practice.

This event is free and open to the public and will begin promptly at 6 pm in the Mayflower Room.


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