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Fellowship Forums: Kansas Holistic Defenders

Just Mercy and Ending the Criminalization of Poverty in Douglas County.

Fellowship Forums

Plymouth introduces Fellowship Forums on many topics ranging from theological discussions and theory to social justice issues and endeavors. These forums take place from 10:40 to 11:15 a.m. between the morning services in Plymouth's room 202N.

Sunday, June 27: Kansas Holistic Defenders

For our first Fellowship Forum, join us for a discussion of faith in action in the Mayflower Room between services focusing on how we can move our community towards a vision of justice that recognizes every person as worthy of care, mercy, and hope for a better life.

Kansas Holistic Defenders (KHD) is a non-profit working to improve how we provide public defense services to poor and working-class people in Douglas County. KHD focuses on addressing both the collateral consequences of arrest and the underlying issues that often result in people entering the system in the first place.

Two representatives of KHD will be leading the discussion. Sam Allison-Natale is a criminal defense attorney and Plymouth Member trained in the Holistic model of public defense at the Bronx Defenders. PJay Carter is a board member of KHD, a formerly incarcerated person, and President of Topeka Black Lives Matter. We'll talk about the role of public defense in ending the criminalization of poverty and how the defense of people charged with crimes intersects with our faith.


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