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Major Choral Work Sunday

Plymouth Chancel Choir presents "Gloria" by Antonio Vivaldi.

On Sunday, December 11, the Chancel Choir will sing “Gloria” by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741). “Gloria” is the most familiar and popular piece of sacred music by Vivaldi. Unfortunately, most of his compositions were forgotten by the public, even though his style was influential. The first modern performance of “Gloria” occurred in 1939. According to David Crawford, “Vivaldi, a sickly man since his birth, surely saw enough of life’s tragedies . . . , but no trace of anguish can be found in music like this . . . the ethos of playful optimism prevails. This quality – perhaps a spiritual peacefulness and an aesthetic stance – was surely the most priceless gift the Italian school left to Mozart and us.”

The music, composed for choir with soprano and alto soloists is accompanied by strings, oboe, trumpet, and organ. What a wonderful Sunday to invite friends and family to experience beautiful music at Plymouth.


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