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Plymouth Academy

Plymouth's Fall Wednesday programming.

Plymouth's fall Wednesday Night programming is back, with a very exciting slate of classes this year. Look at the class offerings below and enroll today!

De-Weaponizing the Bible

(Oct. 19 - Nov. 9)

Too often, the Bible has been used as a weapon against LGBTQIA+ people. And many progressive Christians report feeling under-equipped to engage in conversation about the Bible. This course will explore different approaches to reading the Bible critically. We will dig into a few of the most common “clobber passages” and explore the question, “is there redemption in or for the Bible?

Faith Foundations

(Sept. 14 - Nov. 16)

“I thought I knew what I believed about God, but I’m not so sure after this year.”


“Why would a loving God permit my world to fall apart like this?”


“The Bible scares me sometimes. Does that mean I’m not a real Christian?”

"Jesus lived a long time ago.  What could he teach me that’s relevant now?”


Questions like these are on a lot of people’s minds.  I hear them all the time.  It always surprises me how often the people asking them think they’re alone.  Trust me. If you have real questions about Christian life and practice, you are in excellent company.  Smart people ask questions.  Sometimes we come to doubt the assumptions we’ve held for a long time.


That’s why we’re launching a new community of learning at Plymouth this fall.  Faith Foundations is a ten-week experience for people seeking a deeper grounding in Christian faith and practice.  Over fifteen sessions, including an overnight retreat, participants will be invited to encounter God in ways that challenge the mind, restore the soul, and draw us closer to one another. 


Requirements for participation:

1. A desire to grow in the love of God and neighbor.  

2. Commitment to attend Wednesday evening sessions from 9/15 – 11/17.


3. Commitment to weekly worship attendance for the duration of the course.

4. Participation in an overnight retreat (Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, 10/1-10/2)

“Why Won’t You Apologize” Book Study

(Sept. 14 - Oct. 12)

Join us to discuss Harriet Lerner's powerful book in a small group setting. Dr. Lerner is one of our most respected voices in the psychology of women and the "how-tos" of navigating the swamps and quicksands of difficult relationships. She is the author of 12 books published in 35 languages.

Purposeful Money Management

(Begins Sept. 14)

Plymouth Treasurer Doni Mooberry Slough leads this class.

Kids Club

(Sept. 14 - Oct. 19)

PreK - 2nd Grade students come join us for Kids Club! We will learn different ways to strengthen our relationship with God and Jesus through fellowship, games, and crafts!

3rd & 4th Grade Bibles

(Sept. 14 - Oct. 19)

Plymouth gives Bibles to our 3rd graders each fall at a special ceremony. In preparation for this event, we offer a Bible Education class taught by Kathy Bowen. 

Middle School Our Whole Lives (OWL) Class

(Sept. 14 - Nov. 16)

Middle School OWL classes are transformative opportunities for our youth to learn about their bodies, sexuality & healthy relationships. 


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