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Plymouth Ministry Partner Update: Lawrence Community Shelter

Did you know the life expectancy for someone facing long-term homelessness is only 50 years of age?

Homelessness is a growing public health crisis, and the Lawrence Community Shelter has already served more than 400 unique individuals this year. Noticeably, there are higher numbers of elderly and disabled community members experiencing homelessness for the first time. We are seeking big-hearted volunteers to support our mission of advancing compassionate solutions for people facing homelessness through advocacy, shelter, and housing.

My perspective on the shelter transformed once I began volunteering. Whether organizing the warehouse, cleaning, or working the front desk, I have a newfound appreciation for the work done at the shelter. To me, LCS is a testament to a philosophy that I hold very dearly: people contain multitudes. I’ve spoken to guests, who are surprising, funny, kind, and above all, human beings, sometimes experiencing crisis or just taking the world a day at a time.” - Apolonia Arteaga, LCS Volunteer

Our shelter has endured some hardships since the pandemic, and is currently working to strengthen our partnerships in order to raise awareness and support for community-wide solutions. Ways to support our work include giving monetary gifts, volunteering your time, or advocating to end the stigma against unhoused community members. Homelessness affects many people from a variety of backgrounds, but it is most always a result of circumstances and tragedies that are beyond a person’s control.

We are thrilled to announce that our big event, Chocolate and Tea, is making its first return since before the pandemic! Join us on Sunday, November 5 for a wonderful afternoon featuring an assortment of sweet and savory treats, and an auction to benefit our shelter. We look forward to highlighting what Lawrence does best: coming together as a community and showing compassion for our neighbors. Tickets are available now on our website. Get yours today!

Anyone who wishes to learn more about our shelter and ways to get involved may visit our website or send a message to

Lacee Roe

Director of Community Engagement

Lawrence Community Shelter


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