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Faith Foundations

It's like Confirmation Class but for adults!

Maturing in faith is a life's work

“I thought I knew what I believed about God but after this year, I’m not so sure...”

“Why would a loving God permit my world to fall apart like this?’

“The Bible scares me sometimes. Does that mean I’m not a real Christian?”

“Jesus lived a long time ago. What could he teach me that’s relevant now?”

Questions like these are on a lot of people’s minds. I hear them all the time. What always surprises me is how often the people asking these questions think they’re alone. Trust me. If you have real questions about Christian life and practice, you are in excellent company. Smart people ask questions. Sometimes we come to doubt the assumptions we’ve held for a long time. That might feel uncomfortable and disorienting, or it might feel as if your heart’s just not in it anymore.

I don’t believe these are signs that you’ve outgrown Christianity. Consider this: in more than two thousand years, is it really likely that you’ve stumbled onto a question no one’s ever asked before or a doubt so deep it has no answer? I suppose it’s possible. But, much more likely, you’re experiencing the kind of spiritual growing pain that leads to new understanding. Maturing in faith is a life’s work. I believe it’s the kind of work that’s best undertaken in community.

That’s why we’re launching a new community of learning at Plymouth this fall. Faith Foundations is a ten-week experience for people seeking a deeper grounding in Christian faith and practice. Over fifteen sessions, including an overnight retreat, participants will be invited to encounter God in ways that challenge the mind, restore the soul, and draw us closer to one another.

Requirements for participation:

  • A desire to grow in the love of God and neighbor.

  • Commitment to attend Wednesday evening sessions from 9/15 – 11/17.

  • Commitment to weekly worship attendance for the duration of the course.

  • Participation in an overnight retreat (Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, 10/1-10/2).

If you’ve reached a transition point in life where the old answers just don’t fit the questions you’re asking now, Faith Foundations may be the right next step. If you grew up in a religious community that left you with some scars, Faith Foundations might offer a path toward healing. If it seems like it’s finally time to gain some clarity about what you believe in and why, Faith Foundations is definitely for you.

I’m looking forward to a rich conversation with the Faith Foundations community this fall. Of course, it will be even better if you’re part of it.

Stay tuned to future church communications for more details. If you’re ready to sign up to join Faith Foundations this fall, SIGN UP HERE!


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