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Sanctuary Project Update

Two things were crystal clear in Alan’s report. First, people love this church and want to see our facilities cared for well. Second, we’re ready for a lot more details. What exactly needs renovating? Why is this the right time? Who’s planning all this anyway? Where will the funding come from? How will we set a budget for the project? Who gets to decide if we’re going ahead with this?

Prepare for a barrage of details, friends! We’ve got a lot of information to share and some questions we’ll need your help to answer. You can do your part by putting these dates on your calendar and planning to attend:

Sunday, November 5 – 10:40-11:20 Information session co-hosted by Devon Kim, chair of the Facilities Master Plan committee, and Johannah Cox, chair of the Organ Committee

Sunday, November 12 – 10:40-11:20 Q&A session with Plymouth Moderators on the decision making process for entering into a capital campaign

Monday, November 13 – 6-7:30pm Organ Information Session, hosted by Kim Manz, Minister of Music and Fine Arts and the Organ Committee


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