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Sunday School and Kid's Choir!

Sunday School started back up on January 8th! It has been wonderful to see our Sunday School program grow and thrive this last year.

Please register your child HERE for Sunday School if you have not already!

Rooms for Sunday School are:

Pre K- K- 106 S

1st- 3rd Grade- 210 S

4th-5th Grade- 207 S

(Children are dismissed during service. Check in is required for Pre K-K.)

Choir is in the following rooms:

Cherub Choir(Pre K-1st Grade)- 205 S

Carol Choir (2nd-5th Grade)- 204 S

Chapel Choir (6th-8th Grade)- Chapel

(Choir is part of Sunday School, if you do not want your child to attend choir, you need to email for accommodations. Signing your child out of choir is required. If you are not able to, you can add other approved people onto your registration form.)

Nursery services are available for both services, staring at 9:30 am in Room 105 S.


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