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Thank You, Susan!

After six great years, Plymouth bids a fond farewell to Christian Education Director Susan Anderson.

Our beloved and gifted Director of Christian Education, Susan Anderson, is preparing to transition out of her role over the following months.  Susan stepped up to serve as Interim Director of Christian Education six years ago.  She’s generously shared her heart and her remarkable skills for leadership with children and families for much longer than she probably anticipated at that time.  Susan’s given us an extraordinary gift, one which many families have received with deep gratitude.  Thank you, Susan. 

We hope to call a new staff member into service this fall.  In the meantime, Susan’s not going anywhere. She’s preparing for all fall programming, including Sunday School and Plymouth Academy, for a smooth handoff when the time comes.  Susan and her family will continue to be active members of Plymouth, and she plans to continue volunteering with the children – so we’ll still see a lot of her!

In Susan's own words

Dear Plymouth Friends,  

I wanted to let you know that I have decided to step down from my position as Director of Christian Education at Plymouth Church. I have loved working at Plymouth, and it will continue to be my church home. Stepping down was a very hard decision, and I am proud of the CE board and staff members' work during the six years I served as director. During that time, we accomplished so much: we started the summer Sunday School program, a valentine outreach program, the middle school service trip to Heifer Ranch, organized trips to the United Church of Christ National and Regional Youth events, took the youth to Germany, provided at-home curriculum for all ages, and outdoor events during the pandemic, trained many new OWL teachers and maintained existing Christian Education programs.  

Working with the Plymouth staff has been wonderful, and I am so thankful for the years we have spent together carrying out Plymouth's mission. I will especially treasure time spent with the Sunday school kids, youth and collaborating with colleagues. I am looking forward to continuing to volunteer with the children and youth programs.    

With Love, 

Susan Anderson 


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