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The Ministry of an Acolyte

You may have noticed a return of acolytes in worship at Plymouth Church, a unique way for older children and youth to be an integral part of the worship experience. While acolytes have long been a tradition in the Church’s liturgical practice, this ministry is getting special attention with our congregation.

The primary role of an Acolyte is bringing the “Light of Christ” into Sunday worship, symbolizing the presence of Christ. At the close of worship, Acolytes relight their tapers, extinguish the altar candles, and process out as a reminder to all that worship has ended and the call to service continues outside our sanctuary doors. The Light of Christ is thus shared with the world as Jesus taught his followers to do.

Any child/youth in 3rd - 8th grade or older may serve as an Acolyte. A required training is provided at least twice a year. This training provides an understanding of the historical role of Acolytes and the significance of the liturgical seasons in which they will serve. They will also get an opportunity to practice the Sunday morning Acolyte routine. Once trained, Acolytes will serve on a rotating schedule. Schedules will be provided at least a month ahead. In the case of illness or other attendance conflicts, Acolyte Coordinators will find a replacement for the Sunday missed. Acolytes each have their own cross lanyard, adding a colored bead each time they serve.

Plymouth Church will host the first training session on October 22 at 11:00 am. Children/youth will be able to sign up during Sunday School beginning September 24. Parents may also sign up their children here.

Questions may be referred to... Kara Holcombe: Jackie Lord:


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