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Time & Talents

Share your time and talents with Plymouth Church

The missions and ministries of Plymouth Church only function because its members and friends give of themselves to further God’s work in the world. If you haven’t ever taken the Plymouth Time and Talent survey, or if you haven’t taken it in a while...

Rather than listing out every Plymouth event and group, which change from year to year, the survey asks what type of things you are good at, willing to help with, and passionate about.

As new needs arise, staff and lay leaders use this general information for the situation at hand. For instance, people who can sew might be asked to help with banners one year and costumes for the children’s pageant the next. People interested in “greeting and hospitality” might be asked to usher, or host coffee hour, or serve on the membership board. Writing down a skill or interest doesn’t commit you to every relevant project—it just means we have a place to start when looking for volunteers.

Thank you for sharing your time and talents with Plymouth church. The continuing vitality of our church will be determined by our willingness to work together and build something great. 


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