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Practical Ideas for Living & Giving Generously

Nearly every day, we make financial decisions. Some are small – should you get a cup of coffee at McDonald’s or splurge for the handcrafted latte at Wheatfields? Some are big – which house, which car, which college? Some concern the future – how much should you spend on Christmas, which retirement funds should you choose?

The Gates on the Giving Pathway

The idea of walking with the Lord as a metaphor for our spiritual growth is all throughout scripture. Words like “path” and “pathway” are found all throughout the Bible.

The Significance of Making a Commitment

During worship on May 19, 2024, our Plymouth family will have the opportunity to celebrate God’s grace and generosity as we complete our commitment cards.

Gift Profile Guide

As you pray about what God is asking you to give during this time, consider how generosity plays a role in living a life of significance. Use this guide as a tool, allowing it to inspire and challenge you to commit more deeply to living significantly.

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